Effect MIPS Black

  • All Mountain, All The Time
  • The Effect MIPS uses cutting edge technology for only a fraction of the price, combine this with the fit and feather weight feel you are on to a winner even before you hit the mountain
  • Featuring groundbreaking MIPS technology which is a low friction protective layer designed to reduce rotational force under impact imitating the natural protective properties of the human brain
  • Technical Features
  • >Rollsys Simply control the size and comfort by turning the wheel on the top of the helmet
  • MIPS Added protection against rotational impact
  • Vent Channel Design Linking the vents to keep the air flowing
  • In Out Design Ventilation symmetry to keep you cool
  • Removable Earpads For when the temperature rises
  • Wired Audio Compatible Blast your favourite songs straight into the helmet
  • Color Chic Colour customization so that you are always in fashion
  • Construction In Mold
  • Weight 394 grams (S)
  • Sizes Small: 52-56cm Medium: 55-59cm Large: 59-62cm

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